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MarylandOnline Leadership Institute

Empowering Future Leaders in Online Learning



MarylandOnline Leadership Institute (MOLLI) provides professional development for online learning professionals. We support current and aspiring leaders in online learning at all career stages through a variety of online and in-person events throughout the year.

MOLLI is a project of MarylandOnline (MOL), a consortium of colleges and universities in Maryland focused on promoting and supporting online learning in Maryland through ongoing training and collaboration.

The goals of the Institute are to

  • build a community of practice for online learning professionals

  • develop the leadership skills of participants

  • create awareness of the issues facing online learning leaders and practitioners in Maryland and across the country

  • foster learning together through inspiration, reflection, and real-world practice


Effective and visionary leadership is essential for institutional success in the rapidly evolving 21st century, technology-mediated educational marketplace. MOLLI provides the foundational skills for those who wish to be leaders for online learning and higher education in Maryland and beyond. We inspire, build new and enhanced skills, and establish a community of leadership through an ongoing, project-based curriculum. MOLLI's guiding principle is that leadership skills are learned and practical for all professionals at all organizational levels.


With a focus on professional development for online learning professionals, MOLLI enhances the competencies of higher education administrators who support distance and technology-mediated learning, including directors, librarians, instructional designers, instructional technologists, IT managers, and other staff, as well as faculty with managerial roles.



The MOLLI Residential Program in an immersive experience designed for a small cohort and features exceptional speakers. The curriculum consists of individual components and peer group discussions and activities, including experiential activities, self-reflection, and practical interaction with recognized leaders in the online learning community.


MOLLI holds webinars on a variety of leadership and online learning topics. These webinars are free of cost, open to the public, and recorded for later viewing.

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