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MOLLI Director Honored with the Washington Business Journal Diversity in Business Award

Updated: Apr 3

Dr. Hernandez’s journey is marked by a series of notable achievements and a steadfast dedication to promoting DEIB principles in every environment in which she occupies. As the founding Dean of the Virtual Campus at Montgomery College, the Director of MOLLI, and the President of the CCCOER Executive Council, she continues to champion initiatives aimed at breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all groups in higher education.

At the heart of Dr. Hernandez’s approach is a deep-seated belief in the power of diversity to drive innovation, foster a culture of inclusivity, and instill a sense of belonging in every space possible. Her leadership exemplifies the transformative impact that individuals can have when they prioritize diversity and inclusion in all aspects of work. MOLLI reaffirms its collective commitment to strengthen our communities and drive societal progress. This short video captures Dr. Hernandez’s perspective on leadership and diversity.

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